3 Dresses for this Christmas holiday season

3 Dresses for this Christmas holiday season by Fashionmia, a web site with all the latest trends in the world at incredible prices. Aunque se pierdan otras cosas a lo largo de los años, mantengamos la Navidad como algo brillante. -Grace Noll Crowell   Christmas is so freaking coming and celebrations are almost here, so I started thinking about how to wear. My family traditions consists in have a dinner on december 24th and celebrate a cousin’s birthday on 25th (Christmas). On New Year’s Eve we make our own party where we have –together- the first dinner of the year (or breakfast), and on january 1st we just make a lunch and have some rest. So I need a few party or dinner outfits that have to be ideal for those situations. I mean, my look can’t be too much… Leer completo

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