All those crazy things we did
Didn’t think about it
Just went with it

Avril Lavigne – Wish you were here

It’s been a long time since I realize that I don’t really want the perfect body but I love to be good looking. I mean, without effort. When I was 15 I had a dream waist, but with the years it almost desappear and that made me sad for while. Then I discovered that I can get it back easier than I tought. I just have to work for it and just do it. Like Nike. 

Back to the topic we care here, I have to confess that I have never use a shapewear before but thinking about the FeelingGirl black Friday shopping deals makes me want to try one. And of course, get back my 15 years old waist.

Feelingirls is determined to make this holiday season even more memorable than last year with some of the best deals of the entire year. You’ll find great gift ideas for family and friends or even for yourself with premium shapewear brands and other intimate wear. Best of all of these is that you cand find also plus size shapewear bodysuits if you need them.

If you don’t get on time for the black Friday deals, you still having a chance for Christmas, because a shapewear can be a really good gift for a love-one, don’t you think? Now I’m thinking about get one for my mom (and steal it from her some times).

Today I’m 25 –yes, I’m not a Little girl anymore- and I reciently found a project called Feelingirl that makes me feel like I can be whatever I want to; and if what I want is to have a perfect dream little waist, I can get it with a shapewear bodysuit, the one that catch my attention was the slimming waist trainer because it’s all I’ve talking about.

Sometimes I think there is more than just my 15 years old waist, of what I want to get back from my teenager life. There’s the time I used to have to watch movies, series or read a book. Now I can be super organize but I have other priorities in front of reading a book, for example. But I also can accept that I’m super happy with my responsabilities and my life.

Es una realidad que ya no tengo el cuerpo de cuando tenía 15 y ver fotos que tenía guardadas en Facebook me lo comprobó. Eso y que me llegara esta colaboración, me hizo extrañar mi cintura de esa edad y pensar en probar una faja de estas para ver si la incluyo en el poco ejercicio que estoy haciendo actualmente y la recupero. Por supuesto, todos son ideas y cuando se trata de tener el cuerpo ideal (a mi parecer y para mí misma), estoy consciente de que es algo que quiero hacer sin tanto esfuerzo. Por eso este plan me suena bien.

Aunque nunca he usado una faja antes, creo que me lo estoy pensando, la verdad. ¿Será que estoy envejeciendo? Siento que el tema faja es de adulto contemporáneo.